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Herbal Medicine

Why does taking a prescription drug feel like a walk in the dark? It is frightening , ambiguous and controlled by someone other than the person seeking relief. You can take charge of living a preventative lifestyle, by learning about herbs, and their unique properties.

Taking prescription drugs without the benefit of knowing the many aspects of herbs available is like walking blindfolded through a very precious life.

I am drawn to the idea of healing without the use of harsh prescription drugs because I believe that nature gives us many tools to use well withing our reach.

There is certainly a place for western medicine, primarily when medical conditions have reached the point of intervention. However, nature provides us with a bounty of living, growing, nurturing opportunities to protect us from a myriad of ailments such as high blood pressure, high sugar levels, and sleeplessness. All of which are combated each year through manufactured drugs.

We need to return the art of healing and preventative medicine to its place of origin. Looking back to spiritual traditions that involved the use of herbs and their remedies, has created a path to the mind, body, spirit connection. Who knew plants had their own energies?

Herbs that can bring about relaxation based on their scents or soothe muscle aches when steeped in hot water , speak to me in a way that only nature can define.

Since the beginning of time, the study of herbal medicine was considered natural - a normal course of action by early Chinese cultures specifically with their use of Ginseng. The animal kingdom has consistently shown modern man the benefits of searching for remedies to common ailments. Historic identification of healing herbs has paved the way for medical breakthroughs, alternative approaches, and a higher quality of life in general. It is from the lessons of the past that innovations are created.

By understanding the healing benefits, spiritual elements, and historical theories of herbal medicine, we can learn to identify the properties of plants that will enable us to prepare for a long healthy life. Through the art of healing naturally, we can see the value of walking out of the darkness of prescription drugs.

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