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What I Love Most About Yoga!

During a yoga session, it's not just one aspect, but the combination of practices that come together to create physical and emotional breakthroughs.

I love the workout and I love to find points of weakness and make progress in different postures. This practice, that is so addicting, is not about the workout or the accomplishment of a difficult pose. This practice is about letting go. The release. The exhale. The journey inward.

I also love yoga when it is time to leave the mat and taking the lightest walk I have ever taken out the door, away from my mat. Until I return the next day, turning inward again, and making progress on myself as a person.

So, who are you and what do you really want out of life? Yoga tells us the time is now. We simply need to allow ourselves to be who we are, and the resistance to that is where suffering comes from. Yoga is the practice of self awareness. Each step forward in our practice is a step inward. As we practice, we draw closer to the truth, our truth. And, that is what I love the most about yoga. That is my favorite realization about getting on my mat. Opening my heart and focusing my awareness, so that I can know what I already know, and be who I already am.

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