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Walk Your Way Through a Long Healthy Life

There are parts of the world called Blue Zones where people live much longer than average lives. The people that live in these parts of the world will often live to reach an age of 100 or more! They share some similarities in the things they eat and the lifestyle choices they make. One of the lifestyle changes you can make to live like the people in the Blue Zones is to incorporate walking into your daily routine.

A daily walk can do a lot to boost your health. Walking reduces stress, helps you sleep better, keeps your heart healthy, improves digestion, boosts your mood, helps keep weight down, improves memory and brain function, and is one of the best ways to help manage blood sugar.

The people that live in the Blue Zones aren't hitting the gym for hours, they are busy working, farming, and walking most places that they go. Walking requires no equipment, it's free, and you can do it at any age.

A study of 8,000 men published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that the walkers cut their risk of death from cancer during the study period by 65%

Taking a brisk walk is the ideal daily exercise for body, mind, and spirit.

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