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Trick to Making Healthy Meals Easy

Making a lot of quinoa ahead of time will make your meal planning for the week so easy. Quinoa is a complete plant protein, that is gluten and grain free! You can make a big batch and store it in the fridge in an airtight container for 5 days. Using it all week to make breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Here are all of the ways you can use quinoa throughout the week.

  1. Make quinoa porridge by placing a big scoop of quinoa in a bowl, add organic soy milk (or your milk of choice), chopped apples, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and a little maple syrup. Microwave and enjoy!

  2. Add a big scoop of quinoa to pancake batter. Sneaking a superfood in there will give your pancakes some healthy plant protein!

  3. Make an herb and fruit salad by placing big scoop of quinoa in a bowl, chopping up your favorite fresh herbs, berries, and nuts. Quick and easy, this salad makes a great side to your lunch or dinner.

  4. Add a big scoop of quinoa to almost any soup, stew, or chili.

  5. Stuffed bell peppers or stuffed mushrooms are great things to make where you can easily add some quinoa to your favorite stuffing combinations.

  6. Make a salad look like you are at a restaurant, by chopping your favorite, greens, nuts, veggies, and adding a scoop of quinoa. Then your favorite dressing!

  7. Buddha bowls are another great use for leftover quinoa. Every Buddha bowl needs a base, and quinoa is the perfect thing. Top quinoa a with your favorite roasted veggies, and some sliced avocado. Make a quick and easy tahini dressing to drizzle on top!

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