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Treating Arthritis Naturally

Arthritis is a painful disease that can greatly affect the quality of life.

However, by implementing the appropriate herbs and modifying the diet, it is possible to cleanse the whole system and to remove the source of the arthritic development.

The aim SHOULD be to bring the patient to a state of health and vitality, where the body can take care of the symptoms instead of attacking the symptoms, and attain a higher level of vitality.

Such treatment takes time, just as the disease took time to develop, and cannot be reversed in a matter of weeks.

With rheumatic and arthritic problems, it is especially important to treat the whole being, otherwise the healing will be slight or temporary.

An herbal mixture for rheumatic and arthritic conditions:

2 parts Dandelion

1 part Celery Seed

1 part Meadowsweet

1 part Yarrow

This tea should be consumed 3 times a day for a long period of time. Mountain Rose Herbs is a great supplier of bulk organic herbs. You could make a big batch and store in a dark place, then use 1 tbsp for every cup of tea, steeping for 5 minutes.

This tea is just one possible combination. There are many other combinations of anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic herbs available.

Willow bark is natures pain reliever, and a decoction could be made to help ease the pain of arthritis. With all roots and barks, you want to bring water and the herb to a boil, then simmer covered for15-20 minutes, and then strain.

Willow bark contains chemicals similar to aspirin, so check with your doctor before taking.

Another option is to use a liniment of St. John's Wort oil as an effective topical pain reliever.

People dealing with arthritis need to know that they do not need to become dependent on pharmaceuticals. There is help from the world of herbal medicine. Look to gifts from nature before resorting to conventional medicine.

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