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Supercharge Your Kids Breakfasts

When planning my kids breakfasts, especially on school days, it is important that they are eating a healthy breakfast that keeps them full. To do this, I make sure they are getting getting healthy fats and protein into their morning meal.

It is my job to teach my kids healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime. Teaching them while they are young the importance of making healthy choices is so important. There are so many young people today that are already unhealthy and on medications in their 20’s. Learning to like healthy foods as kids can have a profound impact on their lives. Here is what my kids eat for breakfast instead of coco puffs and frozen waffles.

Yogurt parfait:

This is just as quick and easy as pouring a bowl of cereal when it’s a busy school morning, but much healthier.

It is just berries, a low sugar yogurt (I used Chobani), and Purely Elizabeth original granola.


I make this on the weekends. My kids both love them, but it takes a little bit longer and sometimes we don’t have time during the school week.

Take a typical banana pancake recipe. Which is 1 mashed banana per egg, and mix them together. Add a little bit of Simple Mills Pancake & Waffle mix, until you get a good pancake batter consistency. You can also add a little vanilla extract and cinnamon!


This is a favorite for my kids. I use frozen blueberries and put some in a bowl while I cook the oatmeal so they start to thaw. When the hot oatmeal gets poured over the blueberries, stir it and let it sit for a couple of minutes. The blueberries will get warm, and the oatmeal will cool down quickly for the kids.

I sweeten this with coconut sugar sprinkled on top! (I use an organic sprouted oatmeal from Costco)

Lastly, my little healthier eater will share our breakfast with us after his older brother goes to school. We usually make scrambled eggs and smashed avocado with a little celtic sea salt. Most kids probably wouldn’t want this for breakfast, but we are very grateful that he does!

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