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Natural Solutions for Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen  dominance, the holistic approach. 

First, what are the symptoms? The symptoms of estrogen dominance are:

 Irregular periods

 painful periods

decrease sex drive

mood swings

hormonal weight gain or difficulty losing weight



Breast tenderness

Anxiety and depression

So many women think that they are just getting older and weight gain comes with it. This is not entirely true. Slight weight gain over many years is different from what most women are dealing with. Many women around the age of 40, who have had kids start to gain weight due to estrogen dominance. So many women have estrogen dominance and have no idea. Instead they are taking pills to treat all of the symptoms for something that can be corrected naturally. Treating the symptoms for anxiety and depression without fixing the root cause is not the answer. If you think you have estrogen dominance there are things that you can do!

First thing that is so important is to support your body’s own detoxification systems (your liver and your gut) . You can support your liver by eating organic apples and drinking milk thistle and dandelion tea daily. For your gut, make sure you are taking a good probiotic. 

Also, you need to  drink plenty of water and SWEAT! This can be in a sauna or through regular exercise (preferably both) Help reduce the load on your liver by sweating out excess toxins and eliminate excess estrogen through perspiration. Sweating through regular exercise will increase your sex hormone binding globulin, which will bind to estrogens and deactivate them!

Eat a whole foods diet, as fast food and junk foods will increase your estrogen, and make sure you are getting plenty of protein. 

Consume enough phytoestrogens They replace the bad estrogens, and have a much weaker effect. Okinawa, Japan has the lowest rate of breast cancer, and soy is a staple in their diet. Just make sure it’s organic or you are doing more harm than good. Some more great sources of phytoestrogens:

Green tea


Fresh herbs- parsley, dill, sage


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