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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling + My Travel Must-haves

Spring break is coming up. Here are some tips to eat healthy while on vacation. Plus, travel must-haves that I always take with me.


1.My best tip for eating healthy while traveling, comes before you even get there. You really need to spend time researching what restaurants you think you may want to eat at, and looking at menus to make sure you have healthy options. Planning where and what you will eat is the most important thing you need to do after booking your trip.

2.If possible, while you are traveling go grocery shopping, or maybe check out some local farmers markets. We have had great times and found really delicious produce at Farmers Markets while traveling. Not only is it healthier to be buying your own fruits and vegetables while on vacation, but you will save a lot of money that you would have spent at restaurants.

3.If you can, stay at a Vrbo or Airbnb. The kitchens are always stocked with supplies to make eating healthy easier than being at a hotel. It's a lot easier to eat fresh fruits and vegetables when you have things like a cutting board, knives, and dishes.

Must-Have Items

1. A Hydro Flask - Once through security, I fill my hydroflask. I don’t go anywhere without it, and I want to have it with me on my trip.

2. A bento box with a homemade meal.

When traveling I like to bring a bento box meal that I made at home On the airplane. I usually make a really healthy salad or vegan tacos on siete tortillas. It's so nice having a home made meal on the airplane instead of what they are serving.

3. Snacks- The snacks I like to pack for travel

are nuts and fruits, and I like Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs (they are also vegan), and Pan’s Mushroom jerky. Always make sure you pack enough healthy snacks in case of delays.

4. Ryze mushroom coffee to pack in your suitcase for your trip as well. All you need to do is add hot water, and you have a really healthy superfood filled coffee to start your morning while on vacation. Setting up a healthy morning helps you make healthier choices throughout the day.

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