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Holiday Wellness Gift Guide 2022

  1. A wellness journal like the Hallmark Fitness ad Wellness Journal makes a great holiday gift for someone who loves health and wellness, and also loves planning and organizing. This is the perfect gift to add to their morning ritual.

2. Red light is the anti-ager color of choice. Red light therapy reduces fine lines and wrinkles. While also promoting collagen production. If you are buying for someone who loves all things anti-aging, the Dr. Dennis Gross Facewear Pro is the perfect gift.

3. A compact juicer that is easy to clean and easy to travel with, like the Dash Deluxe, makes a great gift for the super health nut who is always wantig to cleanse and detoxify.

4. If you arebuying for someone who loves to stay active and go for long runs/walks, these Bala Bangles make the perfect gift! They are so cute that you can walk everywhere wearing them.

5. An aromatherapy bracelet is such a beautiful gift. Especially for someone who is very into natural stress relief. Or for someone who doesn't like to wear chemical perfumes. I love this bracelet by SOMORA

6.The lifeform yoga mats are absolutely the perfect gift for any yogi.They come in so many beautiful designs,and are lined with feet and hand placements.

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