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Going Gluten Free is a Great New Year's Resolution

Here are 5 reasons why going gluten free in 2022 would make a great New Year's Resolution:

  1. Covid is not going anywhere, and everyone needs to take the very best care of their immune systems. Your immune system lives in your gut, and gluten negatively impacts the lining of the gut, even for people without a gluten sensitivity. When you eat gluten, your body produces the molecule zonulin, which creates a leaky gut by opening the connections between intestinal cells. You do not want your gut to become leaky. As it can cause many damaging inflammatory diseases.

2. It is estimated that 99% of people who are sensitive to gluten don't even know it. They blame their health problems on other things, when they could become completely cured by removing gluten from their diet.

3. The new forms of hybridized wheat contain amylopectin A. This is a super starch worse than sugar.

4. To extend storage time for commercially prepared baked goods such as bread, pizza dough, and pastries, manufacturers use calcium propionate as a preservative. Calcium propionate is linked to mood, behavior, attention problems, and even autism.

5. Gluten free diets have helped many people who suffer from headaches, obesity, diabetes, mental health conditions and much more.

Adhering to a gluten free diet is a great decision you can make to improve your health. However, it is not a healthy choice to trade gluten for manufactured gluten free products. Especially when you are trading grains for corn. Ninety percent of the corn grown in America is GMO. A successful gluten free diet means replacing the gluten with whole foods that are naturally free from gluten. Most packaged gluten free products are NOT healthy. Some healthy substitutes are brown rice, black rice, wild rice, buckwheat, and quinoa.

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