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Benefits and History of Elder + a Tea Recipe

Elder- a Queen Among Herbs

Healers have used elder in many different ways throughout history. It has been used since ancient times in Rome when Hippocrates recommended it to promote vomiting and purging. Ancient Egyptians used elderflowers to improve the complexion and heal burns. A sweetened syrup made from the juice of the berries was a traditional remedy for colds and coughs.

The Elder Tree is a medicine chest by itself, and is known as a queen among herbs. For a lot of medicinal plants, their value is in 1 or 2 different parts of the plant. For the elder tree, the berries, leaves, barks, and flowers are all used. With a variety of medicinal uses throughout the plant.

Aside from its medicinal powers, the elder has found its way into the kitchen. Being used to make wines, preserves, winter cordials, and adding flavor and color.

Boosting our immune systems and making delicious wines, jams and pies, make this herb of protection a beloved plant ally.

You can help save the Elder trees by signing this petition:

Elder Tea Recipe:

Make a tea of 2 tsp Elder Flowers

Steeped in 1 cup of hot water.

A combination of Elder flowers and Yarrow make an excellent tea for colds as well.

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