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Beginners Guide to Herbal Medicine

When I first considered writing the Home Herbal Apothecary Course, I wanted to create a guide that would be easy to understand, affordable, and of value to everyday living. I conceptualized the course for someone with little or no knowledge of herbs and for someone who has an interest in living a natural lifestyle. I explain the most basic extraction methods; nothing complicated here! With recipes for 5 everyday remedies to replace what you would normally buy at a pharmacy; my guide provides a natural foundation for you to build on and tailor to your family’s needs.

We all know that, in general, whole plant medicines are less toxic and have fewer side effects than pharmaceutical medicines. But what most people don’t know is that herbal medicine can be really simple, and affordable. The information and its simplicity allow for you to learn alongside your family and teach your children valuable lessons. The wisdom of herbs is a beautiful gift to pass down!

There are thousands of medicinal herbs, however, to have a great home herbal apothecary you could learn as few as 10 of them. Many of the remedies can be made into an infusion, which is just another word for a strong tea. It can be very simple while having profound effects on your health. When purchasing supplies, I like Mountain Rose Herbs, Starwest Botanicals, and Bulk Apothecary. They have great quality herbs at very good prices, with Mountain Rose Herbs reigning supreme. However, Starwest Botanicals is on Amazon which makes it very convenient.

The recipes in the mini course are remedies for:



- Eczema/Psoriasis (or any skin condition)

- Headache

-Wound care