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Amazing Benefits of Yarrow

Yarrow has a long history, with legend going back to Achilles, who used it to treat wounds inflicted during wars with Troy. It is an aromatic herb, with many other classifications such as a diuretic action to treat fluid retention. As an anti-inflammatory, yarrow works its magic to reduce swelling and relieve discomforts of many common maladies. It is known to have at least a minor effect on practically every organ of the body. With yarrow's delightful flavor it makes a welcome addition to daily or occasional usage. Let's explore the implementations for yarrow as it relates to healing, fluid retention, and as an anti-inflammatory.

Cut yourself- apply yarrow directly on the affected area and watch the healing effect it has on the wound. Yarrow promises to stop blood flow and hasten the delays in coagulation. It is a pain-relieving hemostatic and has antimicrobial properties. It can be used fresh, like sage, or it can be used as a poultice or ointment. Using yarrow in a bath can help with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and other topical irritations. As mentioned, yarrow has been used to treat wounds as far back as the Trojan War and has maintained its reputation throughout time.

Feel a cold coming on - prepare yourself a hot cup of yarrow and help remove toxins from the body through perspiration. Also, very useful in treating fevers, battling water retention, and helping the kidneys pass more water. In this instance, yarrow also works as an antiseptic and works against bacteria, making it an excellent remedy for urinary tract infections. An added benefit in yarrow ingestion is that by reducing the amount of fluid in the body, it will therefore lower blood pressure. Consuming yarrow hot raises the heat of the body, regularizes circulation, and produces perspiration. Taken cold it serves as a tonic for the digestive system. As a bitter, it will strengthen and improve the health of the whole digestive system.

Internal or external swelling-reach for the yarrow. If yarrow is taken daily as a tea, it will help relieve discomforts of menstruation, reduce hemorrhoids, and also provide periodic relief for people suffering from arthritis. Chewing on the fresh leaves can even relieve a toothache. Yarrow's astringent property helps treat allergies like nasal secretions, and watery eyes caused by molds, dust, pollen, and dander. It is added to many skincare products to help treat acne. Sidenote: Yarrow also strengthens the uterus and can be classified as a uterine tonic.

People keep an inordinate number of pills, ointments, salves, and other over the counter options in the house for wounds, digestive issues, and swelling. With yarrow's all-healing reputation, I say, eliminate the clutter and turn to yarrow.

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